Torq 2.0 Upgrade or Not?
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    Default Torq 2.0 Upgrade or Not?

    Hey Guys,

    So I have a Torq Xponent safely kept in a closet somewhere and I just got an email from Avid for a $50 upgrade to the new Torq 2.0. I'm thinking of selling my Xponent but the question is whether I should upgrade it first before selling it or just keep it and don't sell it but upgrade it anyway?

    Any suggestions/feedback about the new software?


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    The default layout is painful to look at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conall View Post
    The default layout is painful to look at
    The default layout is 4 deck mode and is definitely quite busy on the screen since everything is displayed by default. One of the best things about Torq is your ability to fully customise it though so don't take it at face value.

    I've been using Torq since V1 and have recently updated to the 2.0 trial. While the trial has it's hiccups I find 2.0 to be a big improvement over 1.5 which I was using last.

    I bought the full 2.0 upgrade this morning but haven't had a chance to install it yet since I'm at work now... Apparently most, if not all, of the 2.0 trial bugs reported by users in the Torq forum should have been addressed with the full release so I'm hopeful that it will be quite solid.
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