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    So recently my sisters boyfriend's bestfriend opened up a nightclub/bar in the local area, they have been using just an ipod to power the place. They recently purchased 2 pioneer dvj's and a pioneer djm1000. They asked me to dj there on a few nights nothing special. I have experience using CDJs but never a 6 channel mixer and they really do not know anything about the equiptment they are really just investors. Ive done my research on all of it even went to a store to play around with the stuff. My question is where can I find instructions to sucessfully connect the equiptment to Tracktor Pro which I have on my computer or any other helpful advice. Also when I was learning to use cdjs a few years ago I learned on serato scratch live. So im just reluctant with connecting it to my laptop & traktor, once everything is up and running im sure i won't have a problem using the dvjs and the djm

    P.S. Im just going to be using the DVJs as if i was using cdj 1000 mk3s.
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    do you have Traktor Scratch Pro, or just Traktor Pro? unless you have scratch pro you wont be able to use the DVJ's to control traktor.

    if you're only using Traktor Pro, do you mix internally or externally?

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