Midi out affecting VCI-100 jog wheels
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    Default VCI-100 Midi out affecting pitch bend

    I've only just started using the midi-out feature in Traktor so I can get more visual feedback from the VCI while mixing, but one problem has popped up. Whenever key lock is on (and lit up) I cannot use the outside of the jog wheel to slowly move the track backwards and forwards whilst it's paused. The pitch bend buttons in Traktor light up but the track won't move. Also if I pitch bend with the outside of the jogwheel when the track is playing it just slows the track a small set amount. When key lock is off, or midi-out switched off, I can use the jog wheels to completely slow the track down until it eventually stops.

    Is this a known bug, or can I change something in my tks to sort it out?

    I just realised that the same thing happens even when I use the pitch bend buttons in Traktor with my mouse, so it seems the midi-out is affecting how Traktor handles pitch bending in general, not just the jog wheels.
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