lighting issues - please help!
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    Default lighting issues - please help!

    Hey everyone, I'm having some issues with my lighting and need some advice.

    First off I already own two systems with multiple 'dumb' lights runing off an american dj co pilot and coilot two. I'd like to get DMX control over them, but can't find anything that will basically convert their db9 analog connection thing to DMX channels. On/off only is fine, I just can't seem to find anything that will do it. Does this exist at all???

    Second issue is that of DMX to the computer. I've found several USB/DMX interfaces, but the prices are so varied I don't know what to do. I don't have a lot of money for this, and I don't need more than one 'universe'. What interface would you recommend and why? What about software, is it included and what would you suggest?

    I really want software that can be used with a touch screen netbook I already have, I don't care about show modelling, i basically want to set up a few chase patters on some LED RGB par cans and the dumb lights i already have. I just want to touch the screen to change the mood, and keep DJing. Is there any software that can do this and where the chase patterns can just loop endlessly and be synched with the beat?

    Another thing i know this is weird and starting to get long, but I'm considering buying a scanner light with gobos and everything. But I want to be able to put my own gobo in so I can for instance put a logo on the wall. I'd also like to be able to use the DMX software t flip to a pure white beam and use it kind of like a spotlight. Is thee anything out there where I can just use the mouse like a joystick on a dmx control board to move a scanner's xy coords to follow someone on a stage? And is there a scanner light you could recomend??

    Any help is much muc appreciated. I've had trouble finding any forums about lighting to get advice like this on. If you have a suggestion of someplace else I should ask please let me know!

    Thanks again!

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    You need a dmx dimmer pack for your dumb lights;

    You'd probably be served best with a small dmx board as opposed to software. I've used Elation and it wasn't bad, but it's way easier to run straight off the hardware.

    Not had much experience with usb/dmx interfaces, only used an Elation digital board. big pain to set up.

    Is this for a mobile rig, or an installation? If mobile, I don't think it's worth the extra time and hassle for the simple scenes you want to set up. As a club install, however it might be pretty cool.

    IMHO you need something like this;

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