Question, X sessions pro & Korg nano pad
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    Default Question, X sessions pro & Korg nano pad

    I have an M-audio x session pro which I'm using with traktor, it's not the best but it's a good way to start. Since it doesn't have enough buttons I decided to get a Korg Nano Pad, cheap and from what I've heard it's also a good midi controller.
    So , the nano pad should be arriving in the following days. but there's something I've been asking myself this few days.
    since the x session pro is designed to work with only 2 channels, is it possible to trigger a button in the korg nano to switch all the knobs and buttons in the x session to channles a to c and b to d?.
    I guess I'd have to do it one by one, but is it possible to do it in traktor?
    just thought it would be nice to be able to mix four channels in a cheap way.
    Thansk for any help.


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    Just use modifiers, there is enough on here about them or check out

    you could use the pitch and volume faders on the X-session pro like I do and have them all set as volume faders for deck a,b,c and d. This means no pitch faders, but if your using a master sync then you don't need em anyway.
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