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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunford View Post
    This bit sounds pretty good. However, how "pumping" a song is can be subjective and differ by listener.

    Might try this one though. If I set my folder structure as:

    DJ Tunes > Intensity > Key > BPM > Tracks

    In theory, I should be able to shift intensity, key and similar BPM quite easily, able to find my matching tunes straight away.

    I've got a bit of a scatty brain so need my collection to be fairly well organised or I'm bound to forget where the gems are!

    How do you determine your track intensity, out of interest? I play all genres but revolve stuff around electro/electro-house. I use anything from Beach Boys through to Bloody Beetroots, Proxy etc and anything inbetween.
    that is quite a range you're right intensity is subjective, but that's okay because you're organising the music for yourself, not anyone else. for me a low intensity tune is one i'd use for warm up, or chill out, or a day time track. it isn't too busy and pumping basically. middle intensity is a bit more driving, more energy, a bit more going on...or 9-12pm. high intensity are the bangers...the ones that if you play them one after another...they kinda lose their impact.

    generally nu-disco, deep house and minimal fall into intensity one, nu, disco, tech house and prog house into two, and eric prydz (and other 'epic house') into intensity three.

    i like it because sometimes i have two minutes to find a track and i can't remember exactly how pumping it is... sure knowing your tunes is the preferrable solution but i have a memory like a gold fish thanks to the drugs!

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    hey, so i just decided to go about organizing my tracks by Genre/Key/Tempo using mixed in key as a rough start point

    question tho... as almost all of my tracks are already in traktor.... will they auto update or do i need to delete everyihtng ive done in traktor then re import?

    sorry if this is a dumb question
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    Ya I've heard one song. It's called Skrillex.
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    I have two different systems. For hip hop, I try to do everything by artist>album. It doesn't really go past that much other than star ratings for if it's commercial, underground, or crossover.
    For all my EDM, it's a bit more complex I keep all my tunes mixed up in monthly folders. IE - 1101, 1102, etc. Then I keyword all the tracks. Banger, peaktime, warmup, techy, piano, heavy bass, etc. and also use three times to identify when I think they would be best used. 9PM, 1AM, and 5AM. After all that, I drop them into however many playlists fit the song by genre. after 6 months, I'll recheck a folder for songs that have stood the test of time to me, and I'll drop the good ones into a hot tracks playlist, and keep it updated every month.

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