Smart mixing = cheating?
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    Default Smart mixing = cheating?

    After re-reading about bento's smart mixer, if finally understands how it works and been toying around with it while routing Traktor through Ableton intro via JackOSX. However, now when i know how to use it, it makes me tempted to practice even more and maybe go for 4 deck version and play with it live, but, my largest concern is: since now when i don't have to play around and "look pro" with the EQ knobs thanks to the smart mixer: would it be considered cheating using it live?


    PS: Since swedes despise digital dj:ing i wanna make sure i'm not entering dangerous waters with this genius setup

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    Mixing is all about blending tracks.. whatever you're going to use, I don't think it is cheating. Get the job done, the way you feels good.

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    You cheat at school, sports, gambling, video games and on your lady

    You can't cheat dj'ing..

    Unless you play a pre-done mix

    Then you can cheat
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