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    What Porkie said traktor will more than likely get the original tempo correct but depending on how quick the tempo changes the grid markers will then start to fall out of sync with the transients. You could either place a second grid marker a 1 min before the end of the track or 30 secs wherever the tempo becomes steady again. This will allow you to use sync to beat match the incoming track. Hope this helps.
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    Default transition songs....

    hi everyone, is very glad to me be part of this awesome forum...
    Now I found a place to buy remixes(one, of so many) and they have what they call it "Transition track" it goes from 103 bpm up to 130bpm. i heard the sample and u can feel the tempo raising up.
    so my question is. Do traktor detect the 2 bpms or how can I use those songs to transition from low to hi bpm and vise-versa. I tried with a track that recorded mi self it it 130 and I decrease to 108. and the traktor bpm detector just got me the 130 bpm that was the original tempo for that song and the part after I decrease the tempo still 130 and the grip is totally out of place..
    Any idea how to make those tracks work fine will be welcome....
    thanks DJ's ...

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    Awesome question... been wondering about this too.

    It would be helpful if the remix service would tell you when the BPMs are flat-lined (eg. first 60 seconds @ 103 bpm.... Last 60 seconds @ 128 bpm.

    mind you... I mix these tracks old school style so it's not too much of a problem (old school = traditional vinyl style via DVS) I haven't quite nailed my controller style to do this with buttons and/or jogs.

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    With these types of tracks I just gridded it as the first tempo and make a note of the second tempo and beatmatch it in.

    You can lay down multiple grid markers so maybe you could grid it befpore and after the tempo change

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    I just tried adjusting the grid on the track after the transition has been compleate, and the tempo is steady, but if I move the grid markers the tempo still the same, if i use the BPM inc the bpm in the whole track changes, any other idea, any suggestion?

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    Great question, in for answer as well.

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