Traktor Pro & Scratch Mode Problem
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    Default Traktor Pro & Scratch Mode Problem

    I have been trying to get Scratch to work as well as it should, but seems I get this slight pause just after I let go to the deck..Anyone know what is wrong?
    Here is a video:

    I have the top jog wheel of my VCI-300 set to Scratch ON (B5 /HOLD) and then for Scratch my CC platter (3FH;41h) Direct. (see attachment snap)

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    Yes, I am having this same problem as well with the Denon DN HC4500. Same exact thing. Anyone know what this is? Is it a mapping issue?

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    Have you tried playing with the sensitivity and Acceleration settings? as well as changing the jog wheel setting? I am at work so I can't reference it with mine
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    I don't really know the 300, but I would assume there is a midi signal sent when you release the deck like on the 100? If there is, try to map "Play -> Direct -> On" to the note that is used for deck release.

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