Beat Gridding in Traktor
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    Default Beat Gridding in Traktor

    When preparing and beat gridding tracks in Traktor to get correct BPM and get them all in sync, how often along the track do I need to check the beat grid?

    Is it a case of doing it and checking the first 16 or so beats, then check about 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, ending and that's it?

    Would checks of 1 minute intervals be fine, or do I need to go into more detail, like every 30 seconds?

    I assume, the more detailed I check it, like every beat will deliver a super accurate result. However, doing hundreds of songs, I don't fancy spending days upon days doing this!

    Therefore, the gist of the question is, at what intervals do I need to check the beat grid to get the tracks at a consistently accurate BPM throughout the track for mixing/BPM-linked effects?
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    What genre?

    if its 4 to the floor....then you really do not need to.

    Just grid it...and check the middle and end.

    If the grids are tight in those 3 good.

    If its Hip Hop etc....then you are gonna have to get creative I guess.

    There was a article on the main page about gridding hiphop!
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    i check every 32beats (doesn't take too long)

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    if you want to check several places I'd map a keyboard shortcut to beatjump as far as possible (probably 32 beats) but it's usually not necessary. As Sarasin said, middle and end ought to do it.
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