Mackie thumps 15 inch powered speakers
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    Default Mackie thumps 15 inch powered speakers

    do u guys recommend them..? or no... anybody that has them.. can u give me some info on them .. don't wanna carry my matrix v1000 anymore damn sub is heavy lol..

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    Thumps are a great speaker for the price. You'll miss your sub, though.

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    I have a pair, they are great value and sound pretty good. The only complaints I have is that I wish they had a little more low end and I wish they could go louder (I've had a lot of gigs where I see the overload light coming on and have to crank back the volume)

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    I gots a matrix 1000v2

    Annnnnd if you were me and I were you, I would get the thumps, and use an adapter off the RCA Main Out A of a mixer to go to one (sub, or thumps) and then the XLR Main Out A to go to the other. Or if there wasnt dual Main A outs, I would probably use the booth out for one, and main out for the other, and record out for booth monitors.

    My mixer has a separate mono sub out.

    So I would take the XLR sub out into the left input of the Matrix, then take the left un-powered full range out and bridge the mono sub signal to the right input on the Matrix.

    Then I take the Main Out A XLR to the thumps, and I set the internal crossover in my mixer to the sweet spot of my decision, and based on how well the thumps "thump", I either leave the Main Out A in full range, or I only send it signal above my crossover frequency....

    In this case the speakton 150watt rms Left/Right outs on the matrix are basically crossed out, as they are internally crossed over hard wired in the matrix amp, the crossover point is 120hz. So the speaktons are only sending 120hz and up. And the sub in the matrix is only getting 120hz and down.

    So if I set the crossover in my mixer above 120hz, and I set the Main Out A to crossover, I will create a frequency "hole".

    ^just random crossover jargon. Basically with a mono sub only signal going to your matrix, you go into one side (left/right) then bridge it to the other to get full signal strength through the amp to the sub in the Matrix.

    But as you would have active 15" thumps you wouldn't need to power them with the Matrix box.

    I have a kind of variation of this setup, except I put a new 15" sub driver in my matrix, and I use it with two KRK Rockit 8's, exactly as described above for my monitor setup in a rather large two story living room studio.

    There is also a Panasonic tube amp powering two more passive KRK Rockit 8's.

    I realize most of this was useless....

    But those two 15" thumps will NOT have the same low-range extension as your Matrix sub, however awkward it is to lug around.... trust me, I tried, with a different brand, but same spec 15" powered monitor loudspeaker.

    Just wasn't enough. So I upgraded the sub in the matrix cause IMO the stock one sounds like trash when you actually push it, and used its modularity (I love that Matrix box so much) to help me use it as the studio sub, and as a sub for a set of dual 15" full range studio towers that are 150watt rms.

    PERFECT to just run off the Matrix speakton outs, and then I add the sub to those towers, and its enough sound for about 100-200 ppl outdoors, and about 300-400 ppl in large interior space.

    I have been very impressed with the volume and quality of sound achieved with those 150watt rms towers, it boggles my mind how that much wattage can drive 2 15"s that hard.
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