Traktor pro/x1 kontrol beginner setup help
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    Default Traktor pro/x1 kontrol beginner setup help

    Im really interested in buying the X1 Kontrol but need to know a few things. WHAT DO I NEED TO START

    1. I have a Numark mixdeck but do i need hardware too(if so what do i need)?

    2. Could i use the X1 kontrol without having to buy traktor pro?

    3. If i do need traktor pro, do i just need to buy the X1 kontrol and traktor pro to get started??

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    the x1 is a midi controller that can be used with any djing software.

    it also comes with the LE version of traktor.

    IMO, you should get the x1, use the le version for a month, then when the new traktor pro comes out in april, update the LE version for cheep!!

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    I have the X1 and used to have the Numark Mixtrack. The X1 really opens up more possibilities. You have better control over your filters and access to beat juggling via the 8 hotcue buttons. Another option is using the X1 as a mixer for Decks C and D, since I believe that the Mixdeck can only control Decks A and B. I think the X1 would nicely compliment your Mixdeck.

    I also recommend what gogomillard said. Get used to traktor via LE and wait till Traktor Pro 2 is released.
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