How to use a microphone in traktor pro.
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    Default How to use a microphone in traktor pro.


    I currently use a vci 100 and audio kontrol 1 with traktor pro.
    I have a standard PC mic, and i want to record my voice over mixes, like a short radio podcast or something.
    So i am using a 3.5mm to 6.3mm (small to big jack) converter and plugging it into the line in on the ak 1, (not that massive inch diameter mic socket).
    Is there a setting in traktor i need to select for my voice to be herd over the set?
    I have been struggling for ages. I have a live gig comming up, and i have a small clip on microphone that i want to use. I was assuming that there was a microphone on/off button in traktor. Am i mistaken? I want my voice to be herd!
    Can somebody help me?
    Thank you very much.


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    Jack Bastard


    AFAIK the mic function has been removed in TPro. I'd get a little submixer and run the mic and traktor through that.

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    What!!! This is Traktor PRO....P.R.O! Haha, NI if you are listning WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT!
    Ok other than a submixer, is there a way of using ableton to rout the mic through? Possibly adding some filters (reverb) etc. (just thought of this).
    Anyone got any experience doing something like that?

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    Jack Bastard


    I guess their reasoning is that their target market doesn't really use mics.

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    sorry to bump this ancient thread... but has there been any work around with a windows 7 machine on this issue?

    i have an audio technica at2020 USB mic and would like to do some audio voice over during my traktor pro mixes. i also have ableton7 and would be willing to use both if necessary.

    any guides or tuts out there? youtube is a mess and google hasn't been my friend today

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    on a win7 you could probably use soundflower or something to direct audio from traktor into ableton, and have he mic running on a different channel
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoodless View Post
    on a win7 you could probably use soundflower or something to direct audio from traktor into ableton, and have he mic running on a different channel
    soundflower for windows? does that exist?

    ugggh... why cant there ever be simple solutions for win7 x64 machines

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    traktor is aimed at club dj's, and club dj's dont really use mics

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    It's possible and simple. You can use the audio through function to use a mic. This will cost you a deck in Traktor though. Let's say you want to use deck D for your mic.

    Go to Traktor settings.
    Go to input routing.
    Set the mic input of your AK1 to input channel D.
    In the Traktor main screen, look at the letter D in deck D. There is a downwards pointing arrow beneith it. Click it and select audio through.
    You're done!

    You can still use the fader and EQ of deck D for the signal coming from your mic.

    Hope this helps...
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    You can run a mic through traktor you just have to set up your routing properly. Set your mic input to one of the decks. If you're mixing on two decks you could set it to C or D. You can then switch the deck from internal playback to audio through. Your mic should then mix with Traktor.
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