I have a question about being able to record my mixes from Traktor
into Logic 8 Pro. Ean - I saw your article about using SoundFlower so I
downloaded it. I can't get it to work. Both applications recognize
it but if I put SoundFlower as the active soundcard then Traktor
doesn't work. I am currently using a newer iMac (Leopard), Traktor 3.3, 2 Technic 1200s with the Traktor Scratch Vinyl, DJM-3000 mixer and Audio8 as a soundcard. I have everything set up how Native Instruments recommends it (when using Traktor "scratch" vinyl with Audio8).

Can you help me with the set up? What do I have to do in Logic and
what do I have to do in Traktor? You really seem to know your stuff
so I thought that you'd be a much better person to ask (then the
creators of soundflower) since you use Traktor. I am thinking about
getting Ableton Live; do you think it's easier to set up and use?
Again, I am trying to teach myself how to use this stuff and I don't
have a lot of experience with it.

Thanks in advance!