Noob needs help w/ VCI-100 & Traktor
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    Default Noob needs help w/ VCI-100 & Traktor

    OK, so let me first provide some personal background. I have been a musician for over 15 years, mainly playing guitar and bass in various rock and electronica acts. The past 2-3 I have gotten really into EDM - listening to a lot of techno/house/minimal/electro, and the occasional dnb.

    I recently decided I wanted to take my personal musical experiences in the same direction my musical taste is going right now - EDM. After some thought and reading, I initially decided against doing the old school vinyl approach. Similarly, I decided against doing the whole Serato/Torq thing. I want to pretty much do all digital MIDI, so I ended up purchasing the VCI-100 that comes with the Traktor 3 LE software bundle.

    I am friends with many of the local DJs in the Tulsa, OK EDM scene and often pick their brains about the DJ thing. I think I have fairly good grasp on the conceptual "theory", if you will, of DJing/mixing etc... So I just need to put these theories into practice (which I understand is much easier said than done).

    That being said, I am looking for some good tutorials/tips/tricks on getting started, specifically with the VCI-100 used with Traktor. In addition, is there any other software or hardware that would serve as an advantage to me in the future that I could potentially start looking into?

    I must also note that this will be just a hobby for now I will be working on in my spare time, and hope to aspire to eventually play some local weekly/monthly events in the Tulsa area once I gain a better understanding of the whole digital DJing realm

    THANKS in advance to any and all suggestions and help!


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    Welcome to the best website for your controller. This is the perfect site for your needs. Problem is you need to find the articles. There's plenty of posts about djing in the forums, so go back and find the interesting ones. If you have a problem please post them but make sure it hasent been posted. The best articles are from mr. Golden himself, so again go back in time and locate them, I always do. As far as hardware a numark audio card is perfect for you. It's about 100 I think. Don't forgery to sign up for the tsi file updates for ean. For that your going to need traktor pro. It's about 120 to upgrade from le. Highly recommend that move and look for posts to confirm it.
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    Thank Ya!!!

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    I tought myself how to dj. Fortunately you have Djs friends which will be your main source to learn. But site like this will be of great help. What helped me a lot was to watch videos of other djs mixing, (not necesarily pro Djs), I watched a lot of 10min mixes at youtube... Also site like this will help you solve specific doubts. For the general knowledge in traktor a good method in order to save time and get all the basic at once is to download the Traktor dvd tutorial which covers almost everything. For basic Djing doubts you can consult which is full of djing tutorials.
    Dj tech tools is a great community and people are open to solve your doubts so you will have a great support. So the best of luck and fell free to post your doubts.
    Also if you want a great book look at the Djing for dummies is really easy to understand (my slow brain was very fond to it) lol


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