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    Hey all
    Im 14 and just getting into the DJ scene. Always loved music but didn't actually consider a lifestyle or future in it until i downloaded my first demo of Traktor

    here's my most recent mix and probably my favorite:

    also here's the link to my website with all my other tracks and a bunch of stuff ive set up for the future: http://willisdaellenbach.com/dj

    please let me know what you think of all of this and i would love feedback and especially criticism on my mixes! brutally harsh commentary...lol im joking about that part but anything i can do to get better
    thanks erybody
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    The Gear: MBP15", Dre Pros, TK S4, MPK32, Ableton Live, Logic 9, and other stuff
    Check the site: http://willisdaellenbach.com, Check the cloud: http://soundcloud.com/wdaellenbach

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