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    Guys i'm a total noob but help me out for a second please. I really wanna get into this digital dj'ing thing. I always play music for my friends at parties (off of my iPod and my car stereo) and I figure this is the way to go. Been thinking about this for awhile and I want to run this setup: 15" MBP and S4. I want to get into club/live gigs. Should I also have a external sound card like the new Audio 6 or 10? Also with the MBP would it be ok to run a external hard drive while performing live shows? I can fill a 500GB pretty quick. Thanks a million in advance guys. There is so much info here. It's just s spread out it makes my head hurt.
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    You don't need an external soundcard with the S4. There is one built in.

    Many people here successfully use an external hdd. I would have one as a back up anyway.

    500gb takes a long time to fill up if you are doing it the right way.
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    I learn to swim in the wadding pool. But w/e :]
    Yeh you should be good to go. As rhombus said drop the external sound card. Future reference, may want to take into consideration how you will connect your headunit to your S4.

    PS: Its not legal in the US to DJ out of the back of a moving pickup right? lol

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    Why use a 500 gb ehd when 1 tb is cheap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djneats View Post
    Why use a 500 gb ehd when 1 tb is cheap?
    Why go external when you can go internal?

    Doing this very soon, 750GB extra internal storage coming my way
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