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    Well each person has a different definition of success. I would say being Defined as successful as having a mashup, or remix put on Itunes or one of the music download sites. But to be able to get that distance do I need to start out making music from scratch? Like buying NI maschine and using that?
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    confession time: I clicked on this thread only because my dirty mind made a connection between "6 analogues and 14 digitals" and "2 girls 1 cup".
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    You don't have to be a dj to produce music and likewise, you don't have to be a producer to be a dj.

    To answer your question though, I doubt simple layering of tracks to create remixes will get on iTunes, could be wrong, but to produce something you have created you would need something like that or Reason even Abelton would work.

    I like layering tracks to create bootlegs as seen on my soundcloud, but don't see them becoming popular any time soon.
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    It's funny I toyed with the studio software but dont understand squat about it but when it comes to mixing trance tracks I understand the whole mixing aspect.. Though there are alot of effects out there people use in mixes and I get lost on some then again not all effects are for every type of music and trance seems to be a touchy one about it, subtle effects like echo, reverb (not too much) Phaser, Flanger, Filter seem to work fine be anything beyond that I dont touch. As for studio software there's knobs and dials for EVERYTHING and stuff that too me I dont hear a difference on.
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    Simple answer is no but you to have to the permission from the original artist to remix or sample.

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    if it's a hobby then success is having fun of what's happening.
    if it's a profession then success is making financial benefits.
    i might be wrong though

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