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    new to DJ'ing, i just purchased a PYLE PT2401 PRO 1200W AMP 2-CHANNEL and i want to buy some passive speakers for it, looking to spend $450 at the most. Thinking of the Peavey PR12's or PR15's but would like any suggestions. I don't want to spend a fortune as i just shelled out $950 for the Kontrol s4 but i don't want to buy crappy speakers either. Mostly spinning House/Trance/Breaks and Hip-Hop, need good bass.


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    Im not really an expert in the matter of PA gear, but heres my 2p.

    Peavy are a good budget brand, they should get you by. If you want good bass then either get the 2 12's and a sub or you might be alright with just the 2 15's. These'll do you for a decent house party.

    Your amp sounds pretty powerful, ive never heard of the brand though. Just bear in mind that if you hook up 2 150w pa speakers DO NOT crank it to 11. I think probably 5 would be enough to blow the cones across the room.

    Do your research before dropping cash on both your amp and prospective speakers. You need the right wattage, ohmage and size for your application.

    One last tip. Never judge a speaker by its wattage, a 100w speaker is only twice as loud as a 10w.
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    Yeah im thinking about going with an active pair and ditching the amp, it seems like they might be fine as i'm just getting my feet wet with this and they also appear to be noob proof to some degree.

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