yo, wondering about headphones
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    Default yo, wondering about headphones

    so im wondering about what headphones are chill.. i know this could easily turn into a list of everyones favorites and thats fine i supose i could look em all up, but if your going to take the time to leave a response please tell me why you like the headphones... I wear about a 7 1/2 new era fitted cap when my hairs short.. and i have curly thick hair so when its long that size fits tight, i dont want em to be super tight. I will be using them in my bedroom and at bars (some with good speakers and dacefloors though) I guess im looking for the total package, but not the supreme. I just want some stylish, comfy good headphones to mix with and a plus but not necessary would be to check mixes against my monitors... i forget exactly what its called, a b check? or something i duno im still new, but i remember somone saying you could use good headphones to check ur mixes and make sure ur eq wasnt off..

    Thanks everyone for your time

    p.s. if you commented on my post about studio monitors i ended up getting a couple rokit 8's and a 10s, there on the way, cant wait to hear them

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    there has been loads of treads on headphones lately,
    have a look trough the forum search and the review blogs...
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    Yes. Plenty of informative threads for you to search for mate.
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