[OT] Saw the Martinez Brothers this morning...
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    Default [OT] Saw the Martinez Brothers this morning...

    ... of Traktor Pro 2 preview video fame. They were the closing act in a small club i'd never been to. Nice little venue there.

    Couldn't trainspot : the booth was a bit too high and I'd walked out of my fave spot -front near the monitors, thank you ER20s - to the other side of the dancefloor to get this drunk singing fanboy out of my face! Even up close, sat on that huge box, I couldn't tell the mixer. For everyone on the floor, it didn't matter - all that stuck out were macbooks. No visible kit. The way it should be (ok guys, maybe show a little mixer action. Raise that box).

    Only saw them setup some macbooks and lots of wires. No TP2-out-in-the-open shaky cam shots. The hundred people in the VIP area behind the booth probably caught a good glimpse, most won't have had an idea what it all did anyway.

    I left a few minutes after they came on so I can't comment on their sound. The warmup local (on cdjs) and Lee Curtiss from Detroit (whom I did see setting up an SL1) did a much sexier job before.

    *cut bs*
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