Gigaport with traktor pro
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    Default Gigaport with traktor pro

    Hello all, im using traktor pro with esi gigaport soundcard,
    The output imo is not loud enough and I think the sound quality could be better, I have the latest driver for the gigaport.
    Is anyone using the gigaport? do you like it? and does anyone have any hints or tips for improving output volume on this soundcard?
    Thanks Tony

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    I switched from a Gigaport HD to an Audio 8 and i can't remember the output being that significantly quieter. Hmm, now that you mention it, my master level in traktor is at least 6db lower now, with the external mixer gains in roughly the same 12 o'clock position. I guess boosting gain externally is your only way out...
    Other than that this - I thouht it was a nice little box.

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