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    I don't just play 1 track all the time, I guess I should experiment with more transitions and playing 2 tracks at the same time more. Yeah I'm using SYNC, I just feel that if you're playing 2 tracks that are in the 'chorus' at the same time it'd sound like a train wreck and ruin the songs? It works sometimes... I mixed Chicane - Come back (shockone remix) with The Qemists - Hurt less like this in my mix, all the other transitions were either fading at the breakdown, playing vocals over another track or bringing a loop in.

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    Focus on playing multiple tunes at once. Pick two songs in the same key or a relative key or whatever (just two songs that don't clash horribly) and then screw around the EQs until they don't sound terrible. IMO this is the basis of mixing.

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