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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBlackHombre View Post
    Silly question but what was on that link. Just curious if it was related to my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherlock Ohms View Post
    Does anyone else get massively frustrated when people cannot express themselves in text?

    I find many people's comments on Facebook and other forums almost painful to read, and find myself prejudging the intelligence levels of the poster due to their seeming inability to spell the simplest of words, or to form sentences in English - which is a bad thing, I know, but I can't seem to help it.

    I have a deep and passionate loathing for many of the seemingly accepted bastardisations of the English language that are perpetrated online, with the main offenders being the random use of 'lol', 'u', and 'any1', the numerous mispellings of 'per se' and people who don't understand the difference between 'their', 'they're' and 'there'. This combined with impenetrable walls of text with and an utter disregard for punctuation makes me want to BREAK THINGS!


    </old man rant>
    I hate, hate, HATE the poor use and representation of the English language on the internet. If I can see on a forum post that the person that wrote it is from a non English speaking country I can let it slide.

    The lols, lulz and other ridiculous shorthand will pretty much always indicate you are dealing with a 14 year old school girl or basically anyone under the age of 20... And the confusion of their, there, and they're etc is un-excusable if you have passed year 9!!

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