Going for a new mix feeling. Good idea?
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    Default Going for a new mix feeling. Good idea?

    So I've done a few mixes which are on my soundcloud below. They are about 50 min. long and with maybe 8 songs or so playing most of the song through for good transitions.

    I'm tired of mixing for almost an hour at a time though and have acquired about a dozen banger tunes from prog. house to dubstep to drum and bass.
    I'd like to incorporate these tunes from house all the way up to 174 bpm drum and bass but do so in about 20 min. playing a little over a minute of each.

    I thought his would be a neat concept, but wanted to get opinions because of the fast transitions and tempo change. Was just going for something different.
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    Only one way to find out.

    You'll learn more from just trying than you will from asking for people's opinion. Even if they've tried what you are going to try - chances are they won't be able to tell you what they've learned anyway.

    Just get stuck in and give it a go. You'll learn more from trying and failing than you will from getting an opinion.

    (You learn more by looking for the answer than you do from finding the answer).
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