hypertreading?, multi cores? and a hello :)
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    Default hypertreading?, multi cores? and a hello :)

    hello all..

    my first post here on Djtt..

    big respekt to Ean and all the people who is actively pushing the dvs djing mentality forward.

    My first try was 5 years ago with virtual dj, dns 5000 and M-audio delta 44..

    i really like it but my djing is relying on low latency on cue, stuttering and hot cueing... which i really didn't have. (no midi controllers att.)

    So after this i used a standard pio setup for the next 4 years.

    Then the CDJ 2000 arrived and i was actually happy.. but i dont think this will be industry standard for the next couple of years. And i really didn't feel like carrying cd's anymore.(and i think it is just to much money for this)

    so i bought a Numark Ns 7 and have used this for the last year.

    I am quite happy with this. but feel like i need to step it up a bit.

    so planning on buying Serato SL4 when it arrives. and then a Denon dn hc 1000 so i can use hot cues aso.

    im pretty knowledgeable regarding computers and dj software..

    so my question actually is :

    Does these DVS software systems (traktor, serato) take benefit of multi cores and hypertreading.

    and after this is it better to buy a laptop with a fast (single/double core e.g i5) cpu speed or is better to buy a slower (multi core e.g. i7) cpu?

    thanks in advance for your time

    And happy djing in the future to all.

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    Hiyas and welcome!
    I don't really think the processor will matter too much at this point if you are gauging speed by pure Mhz and plan to only run one application while DJ'ing. In other words Mhz may not translate into real life performance. If you ultimately plan to use, say, something like Ableton and a DVS simultaneously then I would recommend an i7 for no other reason than headroom.
    i'm not, nor do I believe, many on this forum are privy as how Serato or Traktor are architected to take advantage of multiple cores or at what level of "stress" multiple cores experience diminished returns. Anecdotal evidence indicates that startup of Traktor does not take advantage of multi-threading but once it's running it does. This would be a good premise for a write-up...
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    Any current processor is likely fast enough. More important is how much RAM you have. I just bought a new laptop to use exclusively for DJing. It actually has a slower processor (1.6 Dual Core) compared to my old laptop (2.2 Dual Core). My new laptop has 6 gigs of ram compared to my old laptops 1, which makes a ton of difference.
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