Numark NS7 Vid in action
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    Default Numark NS6 Vid in action

    Quick vid posted of the NS6 in action. Looks like a solid piece of gear. If the software ever gets the long awaited update to 2.0 I could see this as Serato's push to rival the S4. Looks pretty cool.
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    i hate the aesthetics of this thing.
    im sure its a capable piece but the platters and the buttons really make it look like an expensive toy

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    I like that its a full metal unit buuut why did they slap on those ugly silver platters, would look alot better if they were black. This kit I have had my eyes on for some time but would rather test it out first.
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    its an ns6, ur title says ns7
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    Though I do have to say that that was some kick ass little mix
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