First time publishing on DJTT, be kind!

The past month or so, I have gotten really in to house and progressive house and I was able to nab a 1-hour slot at a club - this was the outcome. I cleaned up some of the EQing because this was ripped directly from the mixer and during breakdowns the promoter/manager kept using the microphone. It was also my second time using CDJs... now I really want a pair.

The first 18 minutes of the mix is house (first track dabbles in electro, but not heavily) and then from there it goes heavily in to progressive house. Some might also say it has some trance, which might be true depending on how you define trance and progressive house.

The overall response on the dance floor was insane, which surprised the hell out of me considering this is Arizona and EDM is pretty unheard of in this area.

Please take the time to share, comment, and most importantly - RATE on Let's Mix. I entered the mix in to the Ibizia Opening 2011 contest, and honest votes are the best votes.

Hope you enjoy!