Duplicate files? Plz Help
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    Default Duplicate files? Plz Help

    It seems that after i have done a backup of my music directory using synctoy(sync mode) i seem to have 3 entrys of some tracks in my music folder and only one seems to play, very annoying, indeed any way of deleting duplicates without messing up my music in My music c/drive?, i have a back ex hd that i,m using to backup now as a matter of saftey, looks like synctoy or i have messed thing up, is there any sofware that you could recommend fot a fix thanks guys

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    Default Duplicate Cleaner Utility

    [ame="http://download.cnet.com/Duplicate-Cleaner/3000-2248_4-10584403.html?part=dl-6286959&subj=dl&tag=button"]Duplicate Cleaner[/ame]

    Free, about a 2mb download.
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    I use Duplicate File Finder:


    the best feature is its filesize comparison search... it finds duplicate mp3s that are tagged/named differently but a similar filesize and allows you to delete any duplicates. I find that the duplicate mp3s that are a few kilobytes bigger are the ones that have been beatgridded in Traktor. The slightly smaller duplicates haven't been analysed so can be safely deleted.

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    cheers used Duplicate Cleaner Utility and worked a treat( i think...lol)

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