A Thirteen Minute S4 Popular House/Dance Mix
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    Default A Thirteen Minute S4 Popular House/Dance Mix

    I managed to somehow cram 9 songs into 13 minutes without it sounding too terrible. This was my first try at a mix using my S4 (recorded about a week ago), and I had no preparation on this one besides previously placed cue points. So I just chose some of the most popular house and "dance" (if you want to call them that) songs and mixed them all together. I know that my biggest problem is getting out of the mix too quickly, so besides that, if anyone has any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, that would be great. Going back and listening to this I realize that its pretty bad, and I just ran through the mix again about an hour ago and made it sound perfect, but hey, this was the first try, so I'll let you take it as it is.

    And BTW I know that I failed on the loop roll at 3:38. Jumped too quickly from 1/8 to 1/32.

    EDIT: Wow...Listening to this again, it sucks more than I thought. I'm for sure gonna mix this again.
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