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    Default Too much equipment ou there

    Hi every one,

    im a german dj so sorry for the bad english^^, i dj now for 3 years. I started with turntables and got over to traktor scratch pro. Right now im using a eks otus and traktor pro but im not so happy with the otus, because my otus got some lantency problem, i made some spezifications on the otus mapping software but its still not so accurat and right now i needed to send him back 2 times because of some hardware problems.
    I like the otus from the design but the audiocards isnt so god aswell.

    Now i want to go further with my eqipment and like to dj with 4 decks, but there are so many new cool controllers or controller combinations out there so that i lost the overview.

    -The kontrol s4 is cool but i heard a lot of people having problems with the software or the faders and potis.

    -The eks otus i explained up there but eks got now the otus PLUS but i dont know the main difference and i need two of them but still, the otus got a nice 7" jogwheel.

    -I was thinking about 2x kontrol x1 and a audio 8 or later a ta10, because i really like to use "the real mixer" BUT they dont look as good as a otus because the crowd wants to see, how the dj is working, i think.
    But richie hawtin uses 2x kontrol x1 as well

    So, a lot of stuff to read but im really clueless what would be the best equipment for me, maybe u guys could help me a little bit or show me another point of view.

    My equipment right now:

    mac book pro 13"
    traktor pro
    eks otus
    behringer 750

    Thank is advance

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    The crowd wants to dance and have a good time above seeing the DJ work I think. Except for the other DJ's in the crowd and you'll never be better than them in their eye so there's no point in trying to please that small group.

    Concerning the S4, as has been said before, you'll see a lot more people with problems because the people that aren't having problems don't come on the internet saying everything is great. For the amount sold I think the number of problems are small. I have one and love it.
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    i haven't had any issues with my S4 and I'm also on a 13' macbook. I think the faders and knobs feel MUCH better than other controller I have tried. I don't think there is a better 4 channel controller out. If you were on Windows perhaps there are some unresolved driver issues -- but with a Mac I think you are good to go.
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