Numark Total Control Firmware?
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    Default Numark Total Control Firmware?

    First off I am stupid. I was fucking around with my girlfriends numark and some how I reset the firmware... I guess. So I tried to get a hold of numark about it and they have a really large douche bag problem and I have no clue when they are going to help me. So does anyone have the firmware 1.2 already downloaded so I can fix this horrid thing? Thanks!
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    Never mind I found it. If anyone else has this problem goto:
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    cheers man been looking for that!

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    sorry to dig up an old thread. but im having problems with this file. i tried to update with 2 different sysex loaders but both have failed terribly. it just gets stuck at the sending of the syx file. the lights flash but nothing happens. it doesn't complete the sending.

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