"Peace, Love & Drums!"
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    Default "Peace, Love & Drums!"

    whats up everyone,

    I just finished the best piece of music I've ever created and wanted to send it out to everyone, its called "Peace, Love & Drums!"

    Its 54 min long and consists of original songs created as a continuous mix, similar to a DJ mix but it is all original songs created as a mix from scratch as if they were one song.

    this is hands down the best music I have ever made so please take an hour and give it a listen, its sick.

    its all electro hip hop and glitch-hop with some dubstep, tribal and breakbeat influence, the entire hour long album covers a ton of sounds and styles from traditional electronic to electro rock and jazz/hip hop style hybrid stuff.

    let me know what you guys think, PM if you like and want a DL link.

    I originally made the first 4 min as a single song about 3 months ago, then 2 weeks ago I decided to finish it and got lost in the creative moment, spent the last 2 weeks producing the rest of the set, this thing just feels crazy to me.

    All tracks are %100 original production created from one shot samples and VI synths in Digital Performer with the following gear being used in the mix, Live, Maschine, Reaktor, Kontakt, FM8, Massive, Absynth, BPM, MX4 and Sylenth1.

    hope everyone is doing well out there.


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