does playing two of the same tracks in different decks double the sound?
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    Default does playing two of the same tracks in different decks double the sound?

    lately I found out that you can have two songs running at the same time and effect only one song...that way you get the original song and another deck without some of the crazier effects...cue pointing loops are a little more fun as well, however... I was wondering if the actual volume amount get's doubled.

    edit: of course it get's doubled, what are some fixes? move the faders down half way?

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    adjust your gain knobs for each channel(or line faders)

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    Shouldn't be a problem if you have the auto gain and the auto limiter turned on... My problem with double decks is the phasing you get, but I guess if you're cue point juggling that's less of an issue.

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    Yes and no.

    Assuming that the equipment is operated within its linear range...then the voltage swing of the signal going to the sound card will be doubled...or increased by +3dB.

    In general, a sound is perceived to be "twice as loud" when it is increased by +10dB. A 10dB change in the signal amplitude will change the electrical power of the signal by 10x.

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