Hey Guys,

I've been a long time lurker and have only had a few posts but I just had a few questions about the akai mini that I couldn't find an answer to.

I've been using my vci 100 but sometimes I wish I had buttons that directly access what I want to do rather than double map all of my buttons. Thus I wanted a cheap midi controller with a good number of buttons.

I've also started messing around with Sony ACID so I wanted a controller that would work with that also. Thus I found the Akai Mini which I have heard good things about.

My question is has anyone had any success using the akai mini in a live environment, and if so, what did you use it for? Fx, cue points, etc. I'm guessing that if I were to use it, I would probably map cue points too it, but can I map it to the keyboard keys?

My quick rant is that I went to my state's Sam Ash and I saw someone buying the Numark Mixtrack. He was a bit older than me but seemed pretty new to the whole djing thing since he asked a salesman if he needed any extra wires. The salesman said it was a usb controller and he could just plug it in and play it. For $99, I was pretty sure that the controller didn't have a built in sound card, so I suggested that he might need to get a sound card if he wanted to play one track and cue the other one up in his headphones.

The guy didn't know what that was and just blew me off. Has anyone else had any similar experiences where they tried to help but weren't successful?