VCI-100 MKI play/cue/setcue buttons unresponsive. HELP
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    Default VCI-100 MKI play/cue/setcue buttons unresponsive. HELP

    Hey everyone.

    New to the forum, but plan to stay.

    I am currently having issues with my VCI-100 MKI.

    Basically, at random times the four cue buttons on the left deck of my controller will stop responding to me pressing them. This seems to happen for no reason, i.e. in the middle of a gig when the controller was working fine up to that point.

    I have had this happen to me at 2 separate gigs now, resulting in me having to do my cueing via my computer.

    I know its not my software (currently using DeckaDance), because when it happens, the "data send" light also fails to show up when I hit any of the four buttons.

    I would love to have this issue resolved, because if I do not I am afraid I will be getting rid of this controller, even though I love everything about it.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me.

    - Aaron

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    still would love to hear anyone's ideas...

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    Have you tried wiggling the USB connection. Mine is a little loose and occasionally the jogs become unresponsive so I just unplug it and plug back in and it works. I do this in the middle of gigs sometimes, it shouldn't affect traktor.
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    Could have come loose inside I suppose, although it does seem unlikely... If you take the back plate off you'll see that those 4 buttons are on their own separate PCB. I think there's a plastic connector attaching the wires to the board which is removeable, maybe it needs resucuring?
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