Hey all, I have a couple of issues that I was hoping someone might be able to resolve.

1.): I'm working on setting up some super knobs to control FX (some on my VCI-100 and some on my MPD32) but I have run into one problem:

Let's say I have a super knob, like the one in the 10 minute video posted on the main site recently. It turns on 3 chained FX. FX 1 & 2 are a Reverb and an Iceverb. FX 3 is a Filter. I twist the knob, all 3 FX listed above are set, turned on, dryness/wetness is set to 0%, the Reverb & Iceverb are set to 0%, and the Filter is set to 50%. As I twist the knob the wetness, as well as the intensity of the reverb & iceverb increase. Problem: I want to make it so that the knob doesn't affect the Filter knob until it reaches the half-way mark, at which point the Filter begins to increase from its set value of 50% -> 100% (along with the other 2 FX and the wetness). Anyone know how to make this happen? (There are also other FX mappings I would like to make that carry out this concept of an FX having a preset value, and then having the knob control the FX for from 50% -> 100%). I watched a lot of videos, and read a lot on the forum, but haven't been able to come across anything that explains how to do this, or if it's possible.

2.) The other question is quicker: I own an MPD32, and I love it, but using the 8 360degree knobs on the right just have a weird feel to them with a Traktor mapping. Does anyone agree or am I just weird? Has anyone figured out a good way to map these knobs so they feel right?

Thanks a lot guys! (and girls)