drumstep/jump up most recent mix :)
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    Default drumstep/jump up most recent mix :)

    loading this during work, will post the tracklist when i get home

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    as promised, here is the tracklist

    diplo- summers gonna hurt you (2010 remix)
    dansette junior- paranoid (tom encore remix)
    cookie monsta- mosh pit
    collision course
    doctor p- big boss
    talay riley- sergeant smash (roksonix mix)
    rammstein- moscow (kure bootleg)
    rage against the machine- testify (clanks lost remix)
    dj solo- wheres my weed money
    heist- i need killers
    control- kenny powers sk8 or die (solo VIP)
    dj solo- what they want is filth
    DJ hazard and D minds- Mr. Happy
    soulpride- original dabass
    narky- criminal v2.
    steppa and kitcha- jaws
    sub zero- poon
    Ol Dirty Bastard- Brooklyn zoo (kure bootleg)
    cue- pure evil
    levela -nuke em(dub alley remix)
    plan b- love goes down (doctor p remix)
    shufunk vs. kure- cypher party break (kure VIP)
    tinie tempah ft. ellie goulding- wonderman (bare noise remix)

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    *will D/L
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    listening to it again, the rage against the machine track and the ODB track totally killed the flow... hmmm might take this one down.

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