Djm900 - no need for Audio 6/10?
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    Default Djm900 - no need for Audio 6/10?

    I was reading a review about the new pioneer djm900 mixer and it showed it as having a USB slot in the top left corner as well as having a 24/96khz on board soundcard.
    What I was wondering was, if Im using tractor pro or tractor scratch pro, does this mean you can simply plug your USB cable from your mac book pro into the 900 and you're good to go?

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    As far as im aware, yes. but your kinda screwed if you turn up to a gig and they dont have a 900.
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    From here

    TRAKTOR™ Functionality – Using a USB connection with a PC or Mac, the four decks (players) inside TRAKTOR can be connected simultaneously with the mixer, enabling enhanced flexibility with the software. In addition, the mixer is also TRAKTOR SCRATCH4 certified for TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO / DUO 2, allowing scratch control functionality when using a time code disc5.
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    well ye if there's no 900 in the booth yes lol Failing that i would just put it on my rider!

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    Hopefully, most clubs will be getting it installed over the 800. That would be very ideal for Traktor DJs.

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    By the way, to use non-usb mixer like de new 900, if I want to use the 4 channels, and not just 2, I need a Audio 8 or 10? Audio 4 and 6 are not enough? cause if it is like that I wont ever own a 4 way mixer... Audio 10 is very expensive, 4 way mixer are expensive and cdj too...

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