[ot] about to lose my mind! lost my dicer adapters
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    Default [ot] about to lose my mind! lost my dicer adapters

    Damn it. I lost them about two weeks ago i turned my house upside down looking for them. Heck I even hit up Novation to see if they would see me a pair of the adapters that go on the bottom of them and no reply. What the hell am i going to do?
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    Nothing. They're crap anyway.

    You're better of using the black "DJ Putty" to hold 'em on - even on Technics. I've got 2x1200's, and got rid of the 45rpm adaptor on the bottom of the Dicers after a couple of days, and stuck 'em on using the putty. The putty is MUCH better than the adaptor.

    Less of the shock of hitting the buttons gets transferred through the Dicer to the deck when you use DJ Putty. Think of the soft DJ Putty as a kind of shock absorber.

    Just put 3 blobs of DJ Putty near (but not on) the 3 soft pads on the bottom of the Dicer. Make sure none of the edges of the DJ Putty slips into the 45rpm adapter recess on the TT's.
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