Ultrasone HFI 780s or V-Moda Crossfades?
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    Default Ultrasone HFI 780s or V-Moda Crossfades?

    Which would you guys recommend? Ultrasone HFI 780s, or V-Moda Crossfades? I was also about to put Beats Studio, but they are not worth the money and I heard that there are better options for that price (such as the 780s). I just recently heard about the Crossfades, and they definitely look hot.

    These are the things that go in order of priority:

    1) Clarity

    I am crazy about audio quality. It's like whenever I listen to music on Youtube, I HAVE to put the video to 480p or 720p. I just love music and I truly do feel it.

    2) Bass Response

    Not the most important thing, but I listen to a lot of trance and sometimes dubstep so a great amount of bass would be great, just not overpowering so I can clearly hear the highs, lows, and mids.

    3) Comfort

    Also not the most important thing. I mean I've tried some Sony Super Bass Headphones and the Dres and man whenever I feel the earcups OhhHHhhHh. Still, I am just using a $15 pair of Skullcandies and my ears do get sore, so I don't really mind the comfort as long as it isn't any worse.

    4) Looks

    Not very important. I think it's cool to have a nice pair of headphones to look at, but I don't ever plan of putting headphones into my daily fashion anyways.

    Main uses:

    - Definitely for trance (mainly uplifiting trance like Above & Beyond, Suncatcher, etc). I have to listen to it everyday and I don't think these Skullcandies would really bring the true feel of the music.
    - For monitoring. Of course with my love of trance, I got to DJ it, so I do plan to use them for DJing.

    So which would you guys recommend? Thanks.

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    V-Moda Crossfades, let me tell you, these are one of the greatest headphones I have ever had...I appreciate the mids and lows of these much much and the way they form fit to your head are ideal. I wouldn't say spend 200 for them because that's just high, I bought mine new from ebay for 140 dollars and I feel like I got exactly what i wanted. And on top of that, they look ill.

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    How is the bass response of the headphones? Have you tried comparing them to other headphones as well?

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    Never mind about it. I am going for the HFI 780. I am more into well rounded sound quality than just bass and looks.

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    Probably a good choice, I bought the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro's in January and I'm extremely happy with them... Ultrasone just generally makes great headphones from what I understand.
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    If it's just to listen to music, I love my AKGs. After the initial break in period, man they are such sweet sounding headphones. If you have an amplifier I have heard there are no other headphones in the market that rival it under the $1000 mark.

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    ultrasone all the way.

    order both and send the one you dislike more back.
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    I can't speak for the V-Modas, but I use HFI-700s for all studio work. They're very accurate, very comfortable, and I've had them five years and they look like I just took them out of the box. Same with my Ultrasone DJ1-Pro cans I use for mixing.

    Ultrasone's customer service is amazing. I had the bad luck to get a pair that had a faulty speaker. I called them up and they told me to return it, and they overnighted me a new pair before I'd even sent out the faulty ones. That's some serious faith in a customer, I think.
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