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    Default sound effects while mixing...

    curious to know if anyone uses random sound effects in their mixes when playing live?

    I don't think its considered essential to do this, but just out of curiousity.

    One thing I've always wanted to try is to get a sound clip of people cheering. In mixing drum n' bass, the build up right where track breaks... play that 'cheering' sound clip at the same time.

    sorta to give that illussion that EVERYONE in the venue or dancefloor is screaming because the song is craaaaazy.

    of course, if you're dropping hot tracks one after another this isnt necessary.... but I wonder what the effect/reaction would be on the crowd?

    - would they notice?
    - would it enhance their feeling on the song?
    - haha, would this be cheating in some sense? :P

    - what do you think?

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    I know a whole bunch of old rave favorites have prerecorded crowd screaming in them. Kinda weird when you are just listening to it by yourself. But I am sure it helps in a rave.
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    I think it all comes down to the energy. Something like that could be really cheesy and kill the mix (just like DJ name drops), but if you do it right you could end up with some crazy energy builds, especially when the track disappears.
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