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    Default MIDI Mapping ideas

    I have a VCI-100 1.4 I use with Traktor Pro, using DJTT's more recent tsi.

    I also have a Novation Launchpad and a Akai LPD8. What nifty extra features can I map to these to get even more out of Traktor?

    I was considering possily a 4 deck setup, using the Launchpad for Decks C and D, the LPD8 for some effects presets etc.

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what way I can go.

    If it's anything useful, I'll post the mappings back here for whoever to use then obviously.
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    Check the sticky in controller mappings forum that say tips tricks and questions I'd link it for you. But that's a pain on the phone lol. Good luck!

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    I have my launch pad controlling 4 decks, first 4 rows.

    Next row controls activate FX for decks and next 3 rows are different favourite presets on each FX To the right I have a master volume meter

    I am going to have to completely remap it for the new sample decks in TSP2 and add in some new modifiers.

    Go crazy with the mappings
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