Problem: Trying to map basic LEDs on APC40 for Traktor. Please help.
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    Default Problem: Trying to map basic LEDs on APC40 for Traktor. Please help.

    Hey y'all!

    Just got my Apc40 not too long ago. Thought it would be wise to start with the basics. I have a mapping that I created. It works in terms of actions, but when I try to out LEDs for something simple as PAN LED SETTING for LOW ADJUST. LEDs do not respond the same way and don't work at all. Same for buttons as well.

    When I tried some other peoples mappings, they seem to work fine even for the most basic functions as in DAMN YOU LED, JUST STAY BLINKING!!! No modifiers. I have tried to match all my own mappings, OUT settings with others' mappings even then it fails to work.

    I have just bought Xtreme Mapping. Even that does not work.

    What is it guys? Oh yes I am a beginner here.


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    For rings use the cc# +8, that way it won't interfere with the MIDI In, which velocity corresponds to what ring shape is documented in the forums already.

    Regarding buttons, use an inverted send monitor state.

    Alternatively, put you APC in dumb mode by opening live before traktor and then quitting, that will make all buttons un the APC act as triggers and avoid some of the issues, the downside is you lose the 9 banks it has by default.

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    Default Still confused.

    I have been trying to some literature on CC and NOTE functions online but all of this seems to have been designed for advanced users. On top of it, correct me if I am wrong, I think I need a list of CC and corresponding Note? As in I have no clue what is

    Note F3 [In: Play/Pause]
    CC ### [Out LED: Play/Pause]

    I may have understood it completely wrong!

    I am really new to this. If you can help me in anyway [with example] OR refer me to some tutorial that you may have come accross that would help.

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