Room of DJ Gear through the Years
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    Default Room of DJ Gear through the Years

    In responding to a post RE: the VCI 100, I noted that I would like to re-obtain one some day. This got me to thinking about all the old (and, not so old) equipment I would buy if I ever won the lottery, came into a ton of dough, retired early, etc. I would have a whole room filled with all the gear through the years that I have either had and lost, or lusted after but never obtained.

    I would definitely have a VCI-100SE and an arcade edition; a pair of Technics SL-DZ1200's (because I thought they looked bangin when they came out, but never got a pair); a pair of CDJ's (never go those either); a denon 2600 dual cd (reminds me of the good old days); the american dj dual cd player i started out on (multiple savable samples, cues, etc., wtf!), pioneer's old effector...i could go on and on...

    I wonder what the rest of the board would put in their "gear through the years" rooms...?

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    Both a Bozak & Urei rotary mixer. Funktion One & TurboSound Sound Systems with Meyer Sound Monitors.

    And Come on Hombre, Let's get off Mom's.

    I just got off yours.
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