I am in the process to map my new vcm-600 for traktor pro and i have some hard works to map the outputs.

First question :
If you look on the vcm-600 there is an effect section (for ableton live's users) with 8 buttons. I want to use theses 8 buttons for hot cue :
1. Push button 1 and Hold it must store cue point 1.
2. Push button 1 must then go to cue point 1.

So the outputs : led of Button 1 must be on if there is a already a point stored, and off if the place is empty.

And so on for the 8 buttons.

How could i do that ? All i try it turns always all the 8 leds on or off :/

Second question : i have seen on youtube some videos that some vcm-600's lights can blink. How could i map that ?

Thanks for your help music lovers !