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    Just wondering what kind of local opportunities you all have to do what you want (as opposed to doing what the promoter/crowd wand you to do)?

    Are there any promoters, clubs etc doing what you want nearby?

    There's only one promoter in my city, which is Cardiff in Wales. They're called C-Y-N-T and have some decent night. However, they get fairly big names in like 2 Many DJ's, Lee Mortimer, Jakwob coming up in the next month or so, Erol Alkan, Jack Beats and Skrillex all just gone in the past fortnight or so. More names from past events are Bloody Beetroots, Riva Starr, Simian Mobile Disco, Stanton Warriors, Kissy Sell Out, Hot Chip, Annie Mac, Crookers, Deadmau5, Fake Blood, DJ Yoda, Breakage, Audio Bullys, 16Bit etc so you get the idea of the kind of level they're at.

    All well and good for decent gigs, but it can be hard to get a gig due to the big names. No other promoter or venue is really interested in controllerism, being creative, modern DJing etc. They all, pretty much, just want to do the end to intro fadeover mix of chart club tunes etc which can be frustrating and lead to difficulty in getting decent gigs etc. Even more frustrating is that in the "bigger" clubs, they have DJ's using VirtualDJ in a few of them with a mixer, often not even mixing just fading one song into the next with no beatmatch etc!
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    The best thing to do is either drop off your mixes and have a chat with them, let them know youre interested and have passion. If they like it, they'll call you.

    Or you need to network with them if you can. Its tough and can take a while. But be local and be regular and im sure they'll make some time for you eventually.

    Or you might just be in the position where they think they are so high and mighty you dont even get the chance to chat to them. In which case you'll need to start with house partys, lounges, wherever you can to start getting a name and reputation.

    If you put your back into it and dont get disheartened you will eventually get noticed. But it WILL take a while.
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    Bunford - I know for one that Cardiff isn't all like that. My mate is a resident at Cardiff Arts Centre and 10 Feet Tall and gets to be fairly creative with his tunes - though he's a CDJ jockey (fucking good one tbf), and only uses Torq at home ...
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