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    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering, is there any good PDF magazines worth knowing about? Just as I seen recently that DJ Mag have now a subscription for PDFs of their magazine going fairly cheap, I thought it might be worth finding out is there many decent PDF mags going? As many of you on here probably are as well, I'd be many into magazines relating to DJing and music, but would be interested in others if they are decent?!

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    Wax Poetics is not available in PDF, but its so awesome you should get a subscription anyway.

    You might enjoy Fader, but in my experience the majority of magazines that are available in PDF are a little too mainstream.

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    I got 2 days ago the trial for DjMag since it was so cheap but still the link to download the first issue is not available. Theres this California mag called BPM Magazine which is very very good and in their Wikipedia they say they are giving the PDF for free but so far I havent found the link to the PDF. Still if you find some food mags in PDF let us know!
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    i have i site i can pm to you when i get home that has a lot of pdf mags
    (not djing ones [not that i know of])

    however some of the stuff in there is nsfw, so PM me if you want the link.
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