VCI-100mkII mapping for traktor pro, worth doing?
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    Default VCI-100mkII mapping for traktor pro, worth doing?

    So for christmas this year I asked pops for a second hand VCI-100, then my dad being my dad decided to buy an MKII brand new. I didn't have the heart to tell him why I wanted the original so I've decided to stick with it which leads me to now.

    So I've decided to start remapping the dj tech tools tsi files for the original VCI-100 to work with the MKII, its certainly a bit daunting, but its gone okay so far and is definitely achievable.

    I was curious if anyone knows of any similar mappings that would achieve a similar result that have already been made? or if dj tech tools were planning on doing one?

    thanks, and happy new year.

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    why wont they work?
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    Well you would think that when making the MKII vestax would have made many of the midi signal to corresponding nobs or faders the same as the original but they are totally different, so its matter of literally remapping the entire thing.

    I am working from the original mapping that Vestax made for traktor so the mixing side is fine, but its stuff like fader FX that I would like to use which I am currently in the process of remapping

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    So a few days in and im going insane.

    Managed to remapp a lot of it jog wheels and tempo faders are working perfectly in fader fx mode but the volume faders are causing me some ungodly hassle.

    If anyone else is interested in this mapping some help would be greatly appreciated

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    I think the firmware on the original vci allowed an additional Midi signal to be sent when the fader hit the bottom allowing it to do the stuff shown in the vid. The newer model may not do this hence could be difficult to map. Apart from that, most other stuff should be achievable and I'm sure many on this site would be very greatful of what you're doing!

    Keep it up!
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    I'll swap my VCI-100 Mk1 for your Mk2 if you like!

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    How is the project going? I'm very temped to pick up the mk2. If I do I'd be more than willing to help out on the tsi.

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