How many of you have websites for yourself (not Soundcloud, Facebook pages, etc)
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    Default How many of you have websites for yourself (not Soundcloud, Facebook pages, etc)

    Just in case you like to click on threads without reading the title, allow me to reiterate: how many of you guys have a website (or blog consisting mainly of your own music) that isn't Soundcloud, or a Facebook page, or any of those things. In other words, how many of you maintain a [your-name].com?

    I'm considering starting a blog for myself and my music, especially because you can buy a .com domain to go with it for only $10 a year.

    The only thing is, I can't imagine there being too much traffic, but at the same time it would be nice to have.


    (Also, I tried searching for this, but I dare you to type 'website' into the search bar and see how many results pop up ).
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    I have and but never do anything with them or at least haven't since Christmas as you'll see if you click on one of them.
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    I got a website for my djing and for my video producing

    I like having them
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    I have one, no you can't have the address. It's cheap, and a fun way to learn HTML/CSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Nada View Post
    I have one, no you can't have the address. It's cheap, and a fun way to learn HTML/CSS
    haha im the same

    but i really need to get cracking on it and sort it out once and for all
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    Here's mine:
    Yeah, i know it has nothing on it, it's just a placeholder for email ATM but i hope to do something decent with it soon

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    My site has two parts. The landing page is for quick info, and has my latest work embedded.

    The second part is my blog where I share new music each week.

    Based on my experience what can you expect? I average 5 hits a day. I get a lot of support from people coming from forums like this. A good day can bring 20 hits after posting a successful article. I'm still starting out, but I am very consistent with posts every tuesday. So far things are going well and my only complaint is that I get zero interaction from my users in the form of tweets or article comments. My short term goal is 20 avg hits per day.

    Also note that I pay almost nothing for the site. I host my mixes and tracks on soundcloud and letsmix. The rest is just hosted by I put a twenty in my hosting account and don't have to worry about it for almost the whole year.
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    Not done much to it for a little bit as we are planning a wedding!
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